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Recruit high-caliber candidates who exceed expectations

Attract Top Talent

Recruit Faster and More Efficiently

Build Long-Term Relationships

Do you struggle to attract exceptional candidates?

You need top talent to set up your teams for growth.


Your internal recruiters are inundated and often don’t have the connections to fill pivotal positions.


You don’t have time for endless recruitment processes and missed communications.

Some of the appointments you need to make are sensitive and best handled by a third-party.

You’re in a volatile market beset with high-turnover and open roles.

You need to make solid appointments – quickly.

You need a professional recruitment consultant


Partner with an industry-insider who understands your business and has an established network of high-caliber connections to draw from.


Select interviewees from a targeted portfolio of well-qualified talent who have been chosen because they will thrive in your company culture and achieve your goals.


Appoint efficiently using an agile, high-touch recruitment process designed to meet the specific needs of your company.

I’m here for you!

Stop wasting time wading through piles of resumes looking for the unicorn who is the perfect fit for your role and culture. I take the time to get to know you, your business, and my candidates well, so you can be sure the talent I present to you is vetted, relevant, and well-qualified.

You get a retained or contingent recruitment service designed to meet the specific needs of your business, from simply presenting you with a portfolio of highly-targeted candidates, right up to managing the whole process from intake call to offer.

Trust me and my connections to find and recruit the perfect-fit candidate for your role, so you can get on with what you do best.

Hi, I’m April Platis

I’m the founder and CEO of Kipton Executive Search.

When you’re searching for high-caliber talent, you need a partner who gets to know your business, goals, and people-needs really well.

Plus, you need an industry insider with an established network of connections to draw from.

I help healthcare & financial services businesses and career professionals achieve their goals by connecting exceptional candidates with perfect-fit opportunities.

For businesses, that means finding and recruiting high-caliber candidates efficiently to set up your teams for growth.

Perhaps your internal recruitment team is inundated or doesn’t have the connections to fill high-level positions. Perhaps your role has been open for a while and you need a different approach to find candidates. Perhaps it’s a sensitive position and best handled by a third-party.

What kind of recruiter do you want to work with?

A true people-person, with established industry relationships who understands fast-growth operations and knows how to match talent with opportunity?
Someone who gets to know her candidates, their background and experience really well, and can match people with roles where they’ll thrive?
A professional with a creative and flexible approach to recruitment who is connected with the most highly-regarded firms and candidates?

Sounds like we could be a fit!

What clients are saying

I work with April often to ensure we find appropriate staffing in different areas of the region I work. April is always on top of her game. She consistently communicates the status of a position being offered. She also contacts me as often as I request to ensure that I find the best person for the position I’m hiring. She is a great asset to my region and to our company!

Brandon Webb, Healthcare Business Intelligence Leader 
Brandon Webb, Healthcare Business Intelligence Leader

I will honestly say that of the 1000+ national brand relationships I’ve had over my partnership marketing career, only a few rank as high as April when it comes to responsiveness and overall relationship follow-through. I highly recommend working with her.

Eric Thiegs, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Flexa 
Eric Thiegs, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Flexa

April takes her job very seriously and is always willing to go that extra mile when necessary. April also has a great personality that lights up the room when she’s in it. Those two items alone are alone, two knock out combination needed in business today.

Mark Wozny, Information Technology Leader 
Mark Wozny, Information Technology Leader

I have come to know her as a highly organized and effective recruiter. The recruiting process comes natural to April and I am proud to have her as the key recruiter.

Blake Griffin Graves, Senior Vice President at Radiology Partners 
Blake Griffin Graves, Senior Vice President at Radiology Partners

April was wonderful to work with during all of the recruitment efforts throughout my 5 years at Accretive Health. I was able to observe her build strong networking relationships with candidates and develop a robust college campus recruitment program with many universities across the country. She is organized and thorough in her efforts; her understanding of the business model reflects in the strong candidates she brings in.

Shannon Cooper, Sr Director & Account Management at VisiQuate 
Shannon Cooper,  Sr Director & Account Management at VisiQuate

In a matter of 3 weeks, April was instrumental in sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding local talent for our operational team. She has great energy and relates to candidates well, and was a key part of the success of our project launch.

Christine Henningsgaard, Co-Founder and CEO at Quilted HealthCo-Founder 
Christine Henningsgaard, Co-Founder and CEO at Quilted HealthCo-Founder

April substantially stood up our Campus Recruiting program. She has an ability to connect with anyone and has used that skill to help us fill numerous tough openings. She has a broad grasp of our field operations and is a strong advocate of our people and our firm.

Vince Sumpter, Senior Director at Chicago Pacific Founders Capital 
Vince Sumpter, Senior Director at Chicago Pacific Founders Capital

3 Steps to work with me


Jump on a call

You’ll tell me all about your perfect-fit candidate, their background, and the needs of your role so I know exactly who you’re looking for.


Decide how much help you need

Do you simply want a portfolio of vetted candidates, or a partner to manage the whole process from search to offer? You decide and I design a recruitment process to meet your needs.


Get the recruitment ball rolling!

You’ll get a couple of resumes to start with to check we’re on the right track and then we’ll really get moving until we’ve filled your role with the perfect candidate.

Need candidates who exceed expectations?